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E-Court℠ ( view OrganoGram) provides an On/Off-Line platform for
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e-Court℠ what we do

e-Court℠.US is an ON & OFF-line platform active throughout The USA, where Advice ( Counsel & Consult ) Seekers are linked to independent "arms-length" participating 'vetted" professionals who can provide competent, affordable, secure, transparent, speedy counselling and other resolution.

These professionals whilst not being employees of e-Court℠ have been thoroughly vetted prior to offering their services. View Counsel/Consult Seekers & Providers near bottom of this webpage. We are USA's premier facilitator & most exciting interactive / in real time 24/7 ODR/ADR Network & we belong to the Int'l Court for Online Conflict Resolution Inc. ( ICOCR group of companies ).

Our Mission statement:

e-Court℠ / PeaceKeeper aims to be a champion for the consumer, achieving this by offering passionate and visionary values. These are: Value for Money: To offer honest, simple, and transparent pricing. Quality of Service: To offer services without compromising any of e-Court℠'s values. Specifically to be professional and with unquestionable integrity. For the People: To offer Legal Counselling services for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Challenging: To offer new and innovative ideas, to always push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Force for Good: e-Court℠ would like to see itself as making a positive contribution to peoples lives and as a force for good. We achieve these goals by : what sets us.

"First-Choice" Counsel & Consult Practitioners Roster

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As of today, in excess of #24,800 professionals throughout the USA are ready to serve e-Court ( all ) member categories. Members can use the following search box to locate a professional firm specializing in a particular area, in a particular state. This specialized search is both powerful and comprehensive, because it searches multiple e-Court directories and thousands of first-choice member firm web sites in a fraction of a second. Membership is a prerequisite.

e-Court℠ is flexible since the Individual, Company or Organization can start a case with or without the assistance of a professional. No matter what their choice is, (conflicting) parties can always rely on an expert & impartial e-Court℠ "vetted" Lawyer, Arbitrator, Judge, Mediator or Counsellor when they submit a case on e-Court℠ for resolution. And all that in six easy steps and in just six weeks. Traditional offices do not work anymore, click Here ! It is important to note that participating professionals whilst not being employees of e-Court℠ have been thoroughly vetted prior to offering their services. This guarantees the integrity of our global network.

When you join the e-Court℠ family
you can participate in our vast global (social) resolution network, enjoy benefits such as unsurpassed security, vanity urls, escrow privileges, legal document archives, accounting software, video software, deep discounts on proprietary software plus many other benefits, not least of all conflict resolution and legal counselling from "vetted" professionals on a variety of issues with prior knowledge of costs & duration and perhaps best of all interactive and in real time ? Sign up for the "no-charge" temporary membership and let us show you why we are the world's most "unique" member network providing conflict resolution & legal consulting. Give us a try, thanks !

  NOTE : Professionals interested in non-arms length positions under contract with e-Court should register Here !

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COUNSELLING ( by legally trained professionals )
CONSULTING ( by trained professionals ) 

* Professionals on "arms-length" basis. View sample Personal Website

Can you perform Counselling and/or Consulting in an electronic venue ? Can you bring the parties together in an environment where parties can freely, confidentially present their position ? Can you simply help to facilitate discussion, suggest a just solution which eventually resolves a dispute or counsel issue? Then you are the professional PeaceKeeper e-Court needs. We believe that time an experienced (legal) professional spends on a particular case is pure thinking, and people's management, not paperwork ! Participating professionals are all thoroughly vetted.