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Idea: Contrary and despite opposition by some legal practioners with vested interests in outdated traditional services, e-Court pursues a concept which embraces the new technologies.

Safe and Secure : Access important client and case information, respond to requests & queries in real time, safely and securely. e-Court has taken all measures to safeguard information. The website is heavily protected like internet banking with leading banking institutions. View GREEN address bar & "daily updated" security certificate.

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Furthermore access to your member panel is linked to your own "unique" IP address. No wonder that e-Court continously receives endorsements throughout the USA.

Easy to Use : See every appointment, task, meeting, and deadline at once. Share your appointments & tasks with your legal counsel, and know what you need to do and where you need to be. e-Court is extremely flexible because the individual or company can start a case using e-Court with/without the assistance of a legal professional. In many situations the claimant and/or defendant wish to obtain justice without expenses from legal counsel.

Instant Search : Interested who is a member of e-Court in your immediate area or in the country ? Or, want to select a legal professional to represent you or want to select an arbitrator ? No problem, our search programs are speedy and informative. Can not remember that case number? Need information for your client who is on hold? No problem. Just type in any word or phrase and e-Court will find what you need

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