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Finding the Right Lawyer

The two most important considerations are:

Where (what jurisdiction) is the attorney licensed to practice and What area of law does the arbitrator/attorney/lawyer specialize in ?

By selecting a professional who is experienced in the area of law where you need help, you benefit from all his/her experience focused on that one, specialized area.

e-Court's data base search is both powerful and comprehensive, because it searches multiple member attorney directories and thousands of member law firm web sites in a fraction of a second.

Meet "some" of our Judges & Arbitrators

(For privacy reasons Information given below may be fictious)



Judge & Arbitrator

W.J : Associate in labor section of large firm known for its labor practice; litigation of numerous cases in federal and provincial courts; numerous jury trials; numerous administrative law judge trials; adjunct professor of labor law at UBC Law School; law firm employment department manager; in CDA Labor and Employment Section Employment Rights and Responsibilities Committee served as management co-chair of subcommittees on covenants not to compete, ethics, and trial advocacy, program co-chair, and chair-elect.



Judge & Arbitrator

Assistant District Attorney. Then to private practice as an associate, specializing in commercial litigation; then on to a partnership in another firm specializing in litigation in general, and construction litigation in particular. Then, F.H approached to run for the Court of Appeals and, after some thought, decided to run. F.H won and have been here since. F.H motto: "If you love the law, you will want to reason well. And if you reason well, it will show. If it shows, and you let it be known that you want to be a judge, pretty soon your name will come up in discussions when openings occur. That's pretty much what happened to me."



Judge & Arbitrator

S.A provides ethics and risk management advice to lawyers, as well as serve as an expert witness on professional responsibility and fee issues. Prior to starting her own firm, she was the Director of Lawyer Ethics in B.C for ten years. She frequently speaks throughout the country on professional responsibility, law firm risk management, and professionalism topics. She is a member of the ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism and a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Prior to starting her ethics career, she was an intellectual property associate with Morgans in Toronto, from 1987 to 1991.



Judge & Arbitrator

Law firm practice since graduation from law school. B.G expertise : Product liability is a challenging practice area because it involves technical details, which are unique to each case and each product. B.G believes: "Litigation is inherently challenging. Helping clients find solutions to their business disputes is an even bigger challenge. Franchise law is interesting because practitioners often handle complex legal issues while working with familiar businesses that we encounter in our everyday lives"

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Heenan Blaikie
Since its inception in 1973, Heenan Blaikie has become one of the leading law firms in the country. With our outstanding track record in business law, labour and employment law, litigation, tax law, entertainment law and intellectual property, we deliver comprehensive legal advice and innovative business solutions to clients across the USA, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Fisher & Phillips
Many law firms today talk about value as if it's a new concept. At Fisher & Phillips, we were committed to providing value to our clients long before it became a fashionable topic of conversation. Our commitment to value dates back to the founding of our firm nearly 70 years ago.

Covington & Burling LLP
Covington & Burling LLP represents clients in cutting-edge technology, litigation, white collar defense, transactional, governmental affairs, international, life sciences and other matters. In responding to the needs and challenges of our clients, our lawyers draw upon the firm?s expertise and experience in a broad array of industries to provide solutions to difficult, complex, and novel problems and issues, whether in litigation, transactions, or regulatory proceedings.


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