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e-Court is currently exploring contacts with forward looking, socially and Internet savvy law communities in the Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada. China and India and other countries to create a new commercial internet "arbitration" niche. As such we are interested in mutually attractive business arrangements with firms like yours

For your info, Legal Services LLC, a Delaware US company and Legal Services International Inc., a Canada Incorporated company are the "administrative" Internet shells for civil and other disputes (such as labor) between businesses and/or individuals through a real Internet arbitration court. Amongst our sponsors we include not just managing professionals in notable law firms as Heenan Blaikie, McCarthy Tetrault, Miller Thomson, McLeod & Company, Cassels Brock & Blackwell, but also professionals in the small & boutique law firms.

When you have a minute we kindly request your attention for and consider to team up & seize the opportunity to profile you and/or your firm as Internet savvy and socially involved.

We would be pleased to expand if you wish additional information. Legal Services International LLC.

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Heenan Blaikie
Since its inception in 1973, Heenan Blaikie has become one of the leading law firms in the country. With our outstanding track record in business law, labour and employment law, litigation, tax law, entertainment law and intellectual property, we deliver comprehensive legal advice and innovative business solutions to clients across the USA, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Fisher & Phillips
Many law firms today talk about value as if it's a new concept. At Fisher & Phillips, we were committed to providing value to our clients long before it became a fashionable topic of conversation. Our commitment to value dates back to the founding of our firm nearly 70 years ago.

Covington & Burling LLP
Covington & Burling LLP represents clients in cutting-edge technology, litigation, white collar defense, transactional, governmental affairs, international, life sciences and other matters. In responding to the needs and challenges of our clients, our lawyers draw upon the firm?s expertise and experience in a broad array of industries to provide solutions to difficult, complex, and novel problems and issues, whether in litigation, transactions, or regulatory proceedings.


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e-Court USA is a division of e-Court Legal Services International Inc., the world's largest non-governmental online arbitration network
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