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The essence of e-Court lies in the fact you will not be confronted with any surprises. We will give you all relevant information upfront.

In contrast to the low e-Court costs, expenditures resulting from litigation in a traditional court can reach exorbitant high levels and may leave the plaintiff still out of pocket even though the case is decided in the plaintiff's favour.

It is a tough business and financial decision when committing to litigation in traditional courts. Advice from experienced litigators may not always be consistent and will rarely allow a sober reality check as to the potential range of costs, and risks.

View the low e-Court membership fees:

Join e-Court - With a minimum of #20,000 cases, we welcome you to Canada's most exciting non-governmental arbitration.

Each Canadian Individual and/or Company in good standing ( without a criminal past ) as well as Legal Professionals in good standing with their respective provincial bar association shall be eligible for membership.

Memberships with Fees
Individual & Family

Do you wish to control costs and maintain a predictable path to solve current and/or future conflicts ? If yes, then ensure you register with e-Court's life membership and insist that in all your contracts any/all disputes, such as employment contracts ( see also scope ) will be settled through e-Court. Always look for e-Court's member logo.

Note the many advantages for individuals when joining e-Court. We even included a one-year subscription with Legal Wills. Let us welcome you ! REGISTRATION

Companies & Organizations

Advantages of registering as member :
1. Should you need to litigate then you can do so through e-Court knowing the process will be professional, speedy and at lowest possible costs.
2. Labor issues can be completed in a relatively quick and painless way. Hefty legal fees are a thing of the past.
3. Collection of invoices can be completed at much less costs and within a predictable time.
4.You are entitled to use our member logo. We welcome you ! REGISTRATION

Legal Professional

Independent Lawyers, Arbitrators, Barristers, Bailliffs, Notaries, Sollicitors & Attorneys

Do you wish to "embrace" the new technologies and reach an infinite new market? If yes, check out e-Court. Registration is available to professionals who currently provide "Independently" legal work.

Please note, the many advantages for the Legal Professional and specifically, Benchlawyers when joining e-Court. We even include you in our exclusive listing as a First Choice Professional (a $200 value). We welcome you ! REGISTRATION

Legal Firm & Partnership

This membership gives your organization the "right" to represent clients via the e-Court system. Great for the progressive firm who offers a two "tier" counsel. The traditional counsel for more complicated cases "and" electronically based faster & less expensive services.

Can not remember that case number? Need information about your client ? No problem. Just type in any word or phrase and e-Court finds what you need. Your organization will even be included in our exclusive listing as a First Choice Legal Firm (a $200 value). We welcome you ! REGISTRATION

Memberships without Fees

All entities

Under special circumstances we accept your application for this membership type. You are required to complete the registration form with full motivational information "why" you believe you should have our invitation. This information will be verified/approved.

You will have access to most functions such as detailed "membership search" but you will not be able to submit a legal case for e-Court arbitration. Please note, the many advantages for individuals, companies and others when joining e-Court. We welcome you ! REGISTRATION

C$0 Includes FINANCIAL compensation
Participating* Membership

Judges & Arbitrators

Interested to join us ? We offer a stimulating "virtual home" office environment without the hassles of a regulatory court. We believe that time an experienced arbitrator ( for binding decisions ) and an expert judge ( limited to legal opinion ) spend on a particular case is pure thinking, not paperwork !

e-Court is anticipated to handle a "very" high volume of litigation cases throughout Canada, hence we are constantly looking for qualified candidates. So please go on and review selection. We welcome your application ! View REGISTRATION-Arbitrators & REGISTRATION-Judges

C$0 Includes FINANCIAL compensation
Participating* Membership

Court Clerks

Can you perform clerical duties in an electronic court of law; prepare docket of cases to be called; secure information for arbitrators & judges; and contact witnesses, attorneys, and litigants to obtain information for e-Court in an electronic environment? If affirmative then consider joining us ? We offer a stimulating "virtual home" environment without the hassles of a regulatory court. We believe that the time an experienced clerk spends on a particular case is pure thinking, not paperwork ! You will receive an attractive remuneration, see also info. We welcome your application ! REGISTRATION

C$0 Includes FINANCIAL compensation
Participating* Membership

Members of the Directory, Selection & Supervisory Boards & Advisory Council as well as Financial Man., Member Coordinators, Administrators

e-Court offers unmatched opportunities to meet and network with similarly highly respected individuals throughout the world. In return, e-Court expects these individuals to help "safeguard" the integrity, service quality and transparency of the entire e-Court operation. We welcome your application ! REGISTRATION: View Selection & Supervisory, Advisory & Directory & Financial & Coordinator & Administrator.

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