Effective selectionprocedures for judges of e-Court. Click image. envelope

Formal requirements
The formal requirements for appointments are as follows:

  • You studied law at a recognized university and passed the final examination with the right to the title of legal practionar llb.
  • The final exam consisted of civil law, including civil procedurals.
  • You have the US nationality.
  • You have at least ten years relevant legal experience during which you part worked as lawyer, arbitrator or judge or notary.
  • You are skilled with the computer and the Internet.
  • You meet requirements for continuing education in your field and you're willing to obtain relevant additional education at own cost.
  • You have no criminal record, no-fraud incidents within or outside bankruptcy.

The selectionprocedure is as follows:

Step 1. Registration / formal review
You create a profile as arbitrator or judge on www.e-court.us. At the same time you send an e-mail to :
info@e-court.us and you add the following attachments:

  • Your cover letter and motivated personal resume
  • Your copy of US passport
  • Declaration of Good Conduct (not for lawyers, notaries public and government judges)
  • You add three references, preferably from your current work environments

Step 2. References. Should you meet the formal requirements and you are admitted on the basis of your enclosures, your references will be checked

Step 3. Personal Interview. If there is a positive outcome following previous step you shall be invited for a personal interview with at least two members of the selection commission. Following this interview the selection panel will discuss your application. You shall be informed within the hour whether your application has been successful. On agreement by all involved parties a cost free Skype video conference can be set up, in lieu of a regular physical interview.

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