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e-Court Worldwide :

The Internet is the most cost effective way to offer services nationally and internationally and has become the nerve center for the global economy. Many world leaders are realizing that those organizations will thrive in this global Internet economy who will grasp its importance of global coverage. A well-designed website is not only an Internet identity for the organization, it is an essential part of the success and future of e-Court in the 21st Century. Organizations that still do not have a Web presence are inadvertently making a statement about their ability to embrace technology and adapt to change in today's dynamic environment.

Our world coverage includes:


Europe : United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Ireland, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Finland

North America : Canada, United States, Mexico

South America : Brasil, Chile

Africa : South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria

Oceanie : Australia, New Zealand

Middle East : United Arab Emirates

Asia: India, China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, The Philippines

The International/World Court for Online Conflict Resolution : ICOCR, WCOCR


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