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New international online "non-criminal" justice system frees up court time.
A new international justice service that enables clients to simply send in their disputes, or cases, over the internet for judgement, could save the justice system millions of dollars a year whilst freeing up the courts and its personnel for more pressing criminal cases.
The service is called e-Court and it claims to make justice more accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford the best lawyers.  Anyone with a dispute simply submits their Case Notes to Canada, United States, United Kingdom, IndiaNetherlandsICOCR  and in some # 40 additional countries where their Assessors will return an impartial verdict on what they perceive to be a fair solution to the dispute based simply on the merits of the case.   View additional info via Privacy
The company claims that it is the quickest and most cost effective way for people to settle their disputes, as they are able to cut through all the red tape of the normally lengthy litigation process and without the need of having to go through the court system.  In additional to cases which require litigation, the company also offers mediation and general counselling.
Huibert Arnold, the founder of e-Court, believes that the company fills a huge gap in the market.  “We felt that the normal litigation process was too long and too expensive for most people to be able to afford, and often the final verdicts were not delivering the kind of justice that they were expecting.  But with e-Court, every case is judged solely on its merit and each verdict is given on what is perceived to be the fairest solution based on good, old fashioned, common sense."
Most of the Assessors, the people who make up the judge and jury, consists not only of professional arbitrators and accredited mediators, but also a cross-section of law abiding citizens, just like a normal jury system.  e-Court sees this as one of its greatest assets, promoting the idea proudly on its website as, “democracy working in its purest form: Justice of the people, by the people, for the people.”
The company founders hope that people will use e-Court as a forum for obtaining a wide range of settlements, including settling arguments between neighbours; company and employee disputes;  even helping on more sensitive issues like divorce settlements;  Even people who can’t get the other party to agree to use e-Court, can still use the facility by making a single client application just to obtain an impartial, third party opinion. They can then use the e-Court Verdict to show the other feuding party an impartial viewpoint.  The other party can then either agree to settle or send in their own side of the story to e-Court in order to achieve a more balanced verdict.
There’s no doubt that one the main benefits of e-Court is the cost saving potential. 
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Huibert.H.W. Arnold, founder of e-Court
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