We live in a constantly changing world -
even arch-conservative lawyers need to adapt

"e-Court will re-shape the future of Canadian litigation - Forces transforming the legal industry promise the emergence of new models that will allow clients to reap huge efficiencies, but at the expense of law firms that fail to adapt"

Canada experiences, in common with most western democracies, an increasingly complicated society. It is, therefore, no surprise that the legal system across the country gets clogged up, especially where it regards civil and common law areas. The waiting time for trial can be anywhere from six months to three years or longer. Suggested reading: The Litigation Process

Even Small Claims Courts in Canada which provide a resolution for simple cases will take you the better part of a year to go through the entire Small Claims Court process i.e. have your trial and get judgement. Collecting adds further delay and is an entirely different story, it is by no means the easiest undertaking both in terms of additional expense and duration.

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Forceful governor general tells lawyers, ‘Heal thyself’

Source: PostMedia News on 15 aug 2011 by Richard Foot

"In a stinging rebuke, Johnston says it’s time legal profession regains sight of justice, public good"

Canada’s lawyers and judges are losing sight of their commitments to justice and the public good, and the profession must reform itself and rebuild the trust of ordinary citizens, says Gov. Gen. David Johnston.

In a rare, forceful speech at the opening of the Canadian Bar Association’s annual meeting in Halifax on Sunday, Johnston issued a stinging assessment of the legal profession and pleaded with it to change.

“We need a new model for professionalism in law,” he said. “To borrow a saying from a sister profession: physician, heal thyself.”

A former dean of law at the University of Western Ontario, Johnston said lawyers such as himself enjoy a “social contract” with society: In return for self-regulation and a monopoly over the practice of law, he said, “We are duty bound” to improve justice and serve the public good. Instead, he said the profession is failing to uphold its end of the deal.

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