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Information Legal Council

Email lawyer@e-court.us
Name of Firm New York Lawyers with Integrity Inc.
First Name George
Family Name Henderson
Phone 619-2462398
Postal Address Avenue 248
Postal Code H2F9Z3
City & State New York, NY

Your Client

Email rob@wayne.us
Company Name ABC Inc.
First Name Rob
Family Name Wayne
Phone 613-8452111
Postal Address Avenue 567
Postal Code K3D7G2
City & State New York, NY
GST status Company with GST deductibility

Client Other Party

Email jack@robinson.us
Company Name Robinson Inc.
First Name Jack
Family Name Robinson
Phone 616-8752131
Postal code Avenue 276
Postal code C3D7H2
City & State Dundas, NY
GST status Company with GST deductibility


Claim $ 1.000,00
Interest as of 8/17/2010

Additional Info

Wish to attend a hearing ? Yes
Description of the case description
Message to other party Message


e-Court Costs $ 675,00
e-Court GST Costs $ 124,25
Total $ 799,25

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