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This demo is not functional and serves only as information tool with regards the entire course of the e-Court process.

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You see here the first step in starting a process with e-Court. Before you can begin a process you must agree to terms & conditions.
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  •                                                                              PRELIMINARY INFORMATION REQUIRED

You want to start a new case?
Read carefully the page and subsequent pages to your right and add your agreement before continuing.

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Start a new case - Your agreement

Before you start your case you/your company ( hereafter read: you ) are required to read and agree to the regulations, conditions and general terms under which e-Court.us operates.

When you submit a dispute to e-Court you automatically submit and initiate an agreement for settlement (settlement is usually an agreement reached between disputing parties) in accordance with the common law and/or the civil-law traditions of the USA pending where the defendant is residing, i.e in/outside the State of Louisiana. Similarly it confirms a previous agreement between same defendant and plaintif. Furthermore you specifically opt to litigate in e-Court, as private court instead of a traditional government court or other form of private dispute resolution.


Agreement with regulations, conditions and general terms means :

  1. You are informed about the content of regulations, conditions and general terms, which include : liability limits, ceding of any judicial errors. You agree that if any provision of the judge's ruling should be invalid or void, that the invalidity or nullity of the remaining provisions will not be affected;
  2. You agree to the applicability of regulations, conditions and general terms
  3. You want your case to be heard by a judge of e-Court.
  4. You give full authority to e-Court to write the final verdict in a notarial deed for further execution by notary and/or baillif, when the defendant is residing in the State of Louisiana. When party(ies) reside elsewhere, you give full authority to e-Court to issue the final verdict with execution be accomplished, in most instances, by special measures as outlined in binding verdict ?
  5. Notwithstanding (4) above and conditional that both parties voluntarily opted to settle their grievances via e-Court, you agree not to (re)submit at any time the same case, regardless of the verdict, to a traditional government court or other form of private dispute resolution and that in case you wish to continue to appeal the verdict that this appeal will again be submitted to e-court.
  6. Parties agree to all contents displayed via a legally binding verdict

Yes, I agree with the above and with the handling of my case through e-Court under the applicability of regulations, conditions and general terms.

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