Competent, Affordable, Transparent and Speedy Justice for Everyone Legal Services LLC ( hereafter referred as e-Court ) is an independent group of experienced professionals like (former) lawyers, barristers, solicitors or attorneys, judges, university professors, industry and other legal interest groups. e-Court aims to provide competent, affordable and speedy justice for everyone. e-Court also provides an uniform litigation system throughout The United States without the need to understand the peculiarities existing in each State legislative system.

Labor disputes and other civil disputes among businesses and/or individuals can be submitted to a real Internet court. The new private court, which is called e-Court, warrants ruling within six weeks after notification of the case. The verdict of e-Court is based on contract principles ( e.g. binding arbitration ). With a defendant resident in Louisiana the verdict is even enforceable by a bailiff. Here parties receive a notarized & certified copy of the ruling. Under Article 433a of the Civil Code the verdict of e-Court is binding. Article 433a states that: "Certified copies of a ruling in the USA, past deeds and other by law enforceable instruments are appropriate documents and are legally binding in the USA." View also a legally binding verdict. e-Court cases take no more than six weeks (excluding any appeal of four weeks). This makes the process to cost much less than ordinary courts, which takes on average between 70-90 weeks. Moreover, with e-Court citizens and businesses agree upfront with their attorneys the maximum period in advance and total costs. This will ensure that e-Court allows no financial surprises. It is important to note that e-Court is extremely flexible because the individual or company can start a case using e-Court with/without the assistance of a legal professional. In many situations the claimant and/or defendant feel they wish to avoid legal expenses and obtain justice without expenses from legal counsel. See also How we work

Lawyers, make room for nonlawyers

Groping in the dark

Groping in the dark. Did you know that more than 95% of all litigations never reach the traditional courts but get settled by both parties without upfront knowledge of size of legal fees and duration of negotiations, etc ? Does it not make more sense to settle disputes via e-Court ( with full & transparent upfront knowledge of legal fees and duration for settlement ).

In North America and the majority of western democracies, lawyers and judges regulate their own markets. The upshot is that getting legal help is enormously expensive and out of reach for the vast majority of Americans. Anyone faced with a contract dispute, family crisis, foreclosure or eviction must pay a lawyer with a JD degree to provide service one-on-one in the same way lawyers have done business for hundreds of years.

Increasingly, the only "persons" with access to legal help are "artificial persons" -- corporations, organizations and governments. No wonder that in a 2010 New York study, it was shown 95% of people in housing court are unrepresented. The same is true in consumer credit and child support cases; 44% of people in foreclosures are representing themselves—against a well-represented bank, no small number of whom engaged in robo-signing and sued people based on faulty information. These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. For every person who is unrepresented in court there are probably tens of thousands who didn't have any legal advice when they did the things that landed them in hot water in the first place. Who can afford $200 to $300 an hour to get advice on local small business regulations, the fine print in a mortgage document, or how not to make mistakes that will cost you in court when fighting over kids and money with your soon-to-be ex-spouse?

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e-Court Legal Services International LLC ( hereafter referred as e-Court ) has been filed with The State of Delaware on March 27 2010 under number 100324773. The company is an independent group of experienced professionals like (former) lawyers, barristers, solicitors or attorneys, judges, university professors, industry and other legal interest groups. e-Court aims to provide competent, affordable, secure, transparent and speedy justice for everyone.

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