Most western democracies experience clogged up legal systems, especially where it regards civil and common law areas. Apart from the unacceptable time it takes to find judgement in regular government courts, the actual litigation process adds a mystique for many people and makes the entire process through the traditional courts a very frustrating and intimidating experience.

Quick Questions & Answers : ( r info re: Offline Networking, see bottom of the page )

I/we seek counsel and wish to submit a conflict case

Find an acceptable solution in max.6 weeks? Click here HOW

Can I/we proceed without legal assistance ?

YES, you can. e-Court is flexible and does not require you to seek legal counsel. In many situations the claimant and/or defendant wish to obtain arbitrated justice, without legal counsel, by representing themselves. Click here to REGISTER

But, I need professional help

No problem. Let e-Court suggest counsel. Those who feel they do not have the ability nor time to settle a case without legal professional assistance e-Court can help you find a "trustworthy" professional or law firm specializing in a particular area of law, in your city or province. Click here for INFO

Who are e-Court's originating partners ?

e-Court is an independent group of various legal professionals. Click here for INFO

Register as a legal professional ?

We very much welcome legal and other professionals but they should first register before they log in. Click here to REGISTER

What type of cases can be submitted via e-Court ?

e-Court accepts a great range of every-day civil cases on behalf of individuals and small/medium sized companies. Click HERE

Can you show me a few demo's of the e-Court process ?

No problem. Please click START and STANDARD and APPEAL

I heard that e-Court offers "offline" networking events. Can you let me know how I can participate ?

r Yes, we believe "offline" networking is an integral part of the services we offer. rPlease click OFFLINE networking. Also note that we organize, during coming September, Global Video Conferencing for members in the various e-Court countries. A very exciting event. Legal Services International Inc Delaware, the United States
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