What to expect

Do you want to solve a common/civic law dispute ?
Then consider e-Court USA for personalized, transparent, speedy, professional, and above all inexpensive "on demand" justice.

We serve USA Individuals/Families, Companies and the Legal Community in a secure internet environment with 24/7 support from Professional Arbitrators & Judges, Legal Advisors, Court Clerks, Member Coordinators, Finance and Administrators. All paid memberships obtain their own individualized Member Panel.


Contrary and despite opposition by some legal practitioners with vested interests in outdated traditional services, e-Court pursues a concept which embraces the new technologies.

The underlying idea is to provide online, safe, timely, inexpensive professional arbitration for almost any conflict situation.

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Safe and Secure

Access important client and case information, respond to requests & queries in real time, safely and securely.

e-Court has taken all measures to safeguard information. The website is heavily protected like internet banking with leading banking institutions. View GREEN address bar & "daily updated" security certificate. Furthermore, access to your member panel is linked to your own "unique" IP address.

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Easy to Use

See every appointment, task, meeting, and deadline at once. Share your appointments & tasks with your legal counsel, and know what you need to do and where you need to be.

e-Court is extremely flexible because the individual or company can start a case using e-Court with/without the assistance of a legal professional. In many situations the claimant and/or defendant wish to obtain justice without expenses from legal counsel.

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Instant Search

Interested who is a member of e-Court in your immediate area or in the country ?
Or, want to select a legal professional to represent you or want to select an arbitrator ? No problem, our search programs are speedy and informative.

Can not remember that case number? Need information for your client who is on hold? No problem. Just type in any word or phrase and e-Court will find what you need

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We Love Our Clients

Jane Doe
"e-Court has helped to simplify the operations of our organization and is very user-friendly.

We are also very satisfied with the relationship our company has with e-Court and have found their entire team to be supportive and friendly. What a joy it is to offer our employees a venue to settle future labour conflicts, if they arise". Go on... there is nothing to stop your organization from registering as corporate member.

Frederic Hansen, CEO
John MacNab
'We would be lost without e-Court' This modern concept has everything we need to operate our law firm without too much stress of locating files and checking the old brick and mortor diary book. We certainly wish to 'embrace' the internet, but always wondered in the past how to do this. Cheers to e-Court! We are thankful to become associated". Go on... there is nothing to stop you from registering as member.
John MacNab, Managing Partner Law Firm
'Good Heavens' e-Court is just what the doctor ordered. I have looked for years to find an alternative to my costly lawyers fees until a friend alerted me about e-Court. I never thought searching files and getting timely alerts on case and appointments could be this easy. This is a must for every body. e-Court certainly offers speedy solutions with prior knowledge of expense and duration". Go on... there is nothing to stop you from registering as member.
H.A Law abiding citizen

Meet "some" of our Judges & Arbitrators

Check other Officials


Judge & Arbitrator

W.J : Associate in labor section of large firm known for its labor practice; litigation of numerous cases in federal and provincial courts; numerous jury trials; numerous administrative law judge trials; adjunct professor of labor law at UBC Law School; law firm employment department manager; in CDA Labor and Employment Section Employment Rights and Responsibilities Committee served as management co-chair of subcommittees on covenants not to compete, ethics, and trial advocacy, program co-chair, and chair-elect.


Judge & Arbitrator

Assistant District Attorney. Then to private practice as an associate, specializing in commercial litigation; then on to a partnership in another firm specializing in litigation in general, and construction litigation in particular. Then, F.H approached to run for the Court of Appeals and, after some thought, decided to run. F.H won and have been here since. F.H motto: "If you love the law, you will want to reason well. And if you reason well, it will show. If it shows, and you let it be known that you want to be a judge, pretty soon your name will come up in discussions when openings occur. That's pretty much what happened to me."


Judge & Arbitrator

S.A provides ethics and risk management advice to lawyers, as well as serve as an expert witness on professional responsibility and fee issues. Prior to starting her own firm, she was the Director of Lawyer Ethics in B.C for ten years. She frequently speaks throughout the country on professional responsibility, law firm risk management, and professionalism topics. She is a member of the ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism and a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Prior to starting her ethics career, she was an intellectual property associate with Morgans in Toronto, from 1987 to 1991.


Judge & Arbitrator

B.G Law firm practice since graduation from law school. B.G expertise : Product liability is a challenging practice area because it involves technical details, which are unique to each case and each product. B.G believes: "Litigation is inherently challenging. Helping clients find solutions to their business disputes is an even bigger challenge. Franchise law is interesting because practitioners often handle complex legal issues while working with familiar businesses that we encounter in our everyday lives"